Accessibility means enabling people with disabilities or limited mobility to participate in activities that include the use of products, services and information, besides allowing the use of those by all segments of the population

We're talking about public vehicles with access to impaired persons, television with subtitles for people with hearing problems, among others. On the Internet, the term accessibility also refers to the W3C (content in portuguese) recommendations, which aim to allow everyone to have access to sites, regardless of having a disability or not.

These recommendations start with the text size and font color, location of the clickable areas, ease of availability of content and other suggestions relating to the coding of the pages (HTML and CSS, etc.).

The Web accessibility includes the following factors:

  • Sites and Applications: developed so that people can perceive, understand, navigate and interact.
  • Browsers, media players and tools: must have media technologies specially designated and intended for people with disabilities, allowing it to access Internet.
  • Authoring tools and other technologies: blogs, twitter, instant messaging and other products used for production of Internet content.

The Portal of Presidence has been designed to offer its content to all persons with disabilities. In the top menu there are buttons to increase and decrease the text size, and also to change the color, emphasizing content over the background of the screen. Thus, people can read and use more easily throughout the site.

We also offer many audio files and video with easy access to avoid a tiring reading and help to make browsing even more enjoyable.

At the end of this text, you can download some files that better explain the term accessibility and how it should be implemented in Web sites. We are also available to answer your questions, if necessary.

Laws and decree about accessibility:

Decree No. 5296 of December 2, 2004 (Content in Portuguese)

Decree No. 6949 of August 25, 2009 (Content in Portuguese)

Tips, links and helpful sources:

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Free Screen readers and assistive technologies:

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